What is Team Building?

  1. Teammates are engaged in some Fun, Challenging activities, which require them to work together as a high performance team utilizing a lot of team work and leadership skills in order to accomplish some goals. They have to establish game plans for improved performance and get individual and group commitment to be successful.

  2. Through these experiences they pick up lessons on teamwork and leadership – then debrief and look for transfer and application of lessons learned to preparation, anticipation and performance.

  3. Players will recognize that a team is a small number of people with Complimentary Skills (Roles), who are committed to a common Purpose (Vision), set of Performance Goals and Approach (Game Plan).

  4. We want to prepare them to meet and deal with challenges, pressure and frustration with an increased awareness and ability to focus amid distractions.

“Great Teams don’t happen by accident, they are built”

Experiential adventure programs are one of the most effective means of developing and enhancing teams, groups and organizations of any kind. Larryland Adventures offers a unique growth experience that utilizes the effectiveness of the hands-on approach.

Programs are able to engage participants in fun challenging activities requiring cooperation, support, teamwork, creative thinking, decision making and communication skills inorder to achieve group success. The lessons, awareness, concepts and understanding gained are then able to be taken and utilized in other areas of participants lives.

“Larry Pearson and his expertise in team building and leadership development have been a critical piece in my success as a coach. Two National championships as a provincial team coach and this summers bronze medal at the World Championships all had a common bond, Larry Pearson. His ability to communicate to our athletes the true essence of team and the main obstacle and challenges that face teams was a critical learning piece in our summer. In the end many of the lessons learned through Larry about trust and sacrifice were keys in our success”

Roy Ranna

Head Coach

Canadian National U17 Basketball Team 2010

Why Invest Time and Resources into Team Building?

  1. The eventual key to success is not only how hard each individual player works, but how hard they work at working together.

  2. The way we THINK affects how we FEEL; the way we FEEL affects how we PERFORM.

  3. Goal is to become a motivated team who support and appreciate each other; and to create a winning environment where everyone feels connected and supported and trusts that they can count on their teammates to ‘Pay the Price” and do whatever it takes for the team - things that are not always convenient or comfortable.

  4. Goal is to be the best team player you can be and also develop the attitude “to be the best you can be at everything you do”

  5. To build a team with the same vision, recognizing varying complimentary skill sets and committing individual contributions and roles to the team.

  6. Build TRUST, rid your teams of CLIQUES, prevent or get rid of MSU (“Making Stuff Up”)

Why is a “Hands on Approach” the best approach?


                                                “Tell Me, And I Will Forget;              

                                                Show Me, And I May Remember;

                                                Involve Me, And I Will Understand...”


Dates are flexible - ORCKA Canoe, National Greencheck GPS and various First aid  Certifications are available and can be modified if Certification is not a priority.

Canoe Trips with Team Building and Leadership Development activities are also available as custom trips for corporations or organizations.

NHL.com “Campers learn hockey is mental as well as physical”

Pearson presenting and working with Hockey Hall of famer Lanny McDonald in Calgary for the Canadian Tire Hockey School NHL Skills Camp.